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The longest lasting, most versatile CPAP Battery

The Portable Outlet is the original lithium-ion battery on the market that can power any brand and model of CPAP or BiPAP without any additional adapters or accessories. That's because our 110 Volt input port is as simple as plugging your CPAP into the wall in your bedroom.


Battery Life

• Home based CPAP systems (Airsense 10, DreamStation, S8, S9, System 1, etc.) typically run for 7 to 9 hours
• Smaller Travel sized CPAPs (AirMini, DreamStation Go, Transcend, etc.) typically run 12 to 18 hours
Results vary based on user's optimal therapy pressure, mask leaks, mouth leaks and use of heated tubing & heated humidification.
For best results, if possible, use a new Full Face Mask to eliminate leaks and turn OFF your device's heated tube & heated humidifier.

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Portable Outlet CPAP battery


  • • 155 watt rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
    • AC output: 110v AC 60hz/100w
    • Two USB ports 5 volt 4.2 amps
    • Works with all CPAPs/BiPAPs
    • Does not require additional adapters to power CPAPs/BiPAPs

    • Includes a Wall Charger
    • Includes a Micro USB Cable
    • LED power indication meter
    • Meets FAA/TSA Lithium-ion Battery Standards
    • Over 500 charge cycles
    • Recharges in less than 4 hours
    • Charge in your car with our DC to AC Inverter (sold separately)
    • Size: 5” wide x 7” long x 1.5” tall
    • Weight:  2 lbs.
    • 1 Year Warranty

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