SnoreOver is an inexpensive and effective therapy for snoring. When a person sleeps on their back, the airway can be obstructed when gravity pulls on the soft tissue at the back of the throat. This obstruction causes a person to snore. Positional Sleep Therapy devices like SnoreOver can prevent the wearer from sleeping on their back.


Subconsciously, and without waking, the wearer stays off their back maintaining a side-sleeping position, keeping their airway open and reducing snoring. SnoreOver effectively accomplishes what the partner of a snorer does many times a night by making them roll over to their side to reduce snoring. Both the snorer and their partner will notice better sleep and more energy.


Over time, SnoreOver users may find they have trained themselves to maintain a side sleeping position on their own. SnoreOver is a comfortable, soft knit elastic band that fastens around the trunk of the person's body and has a 4” attached hard foam ball that can be positioned high or low on the back. In just a few nights you’ll find a position that works best for you.


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